Senate Resolution
June 14, 1989

WHEREAS, Eloise Pickard Smith began her study of art at Queen's College in Charlotte, North Carolina, and later studied at the world renown Arts Students League in New York on a national competitive scholarship; and

WHEREAS, As a young woman she met Page Smith, whose interest in Eloise's art first brought them together, and soon after were married and have since raised four children, Anne, EIlen, Carter and Eliot; and

WHEREAS, Eloise Smith developed the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery at Cowell College at the University of California at Santa Cruz; and

WHEREAS, In 1976 she accepted the appointment of Governor Jerry Brown as the first Director of the newly established California Arts Council where Eloise Smith's vision crafted programs of enduring value to the artists and other citizens of the State; and

WHEREAS, Eloise Smith also developed and nurtured the Nation's first and most effective Prison Arts Program, which has grown in size, stature and service to the people of this state and stands as a testimony to the flame of creativity which lies within the hearts and minds of all human beings; and

WHEREAS, Eloise Smith, in partnership with Page Smith and their daughter Ellen, has established the William James Association which serves the Prison Arts Program by recruiting the very finest artists to work in the program; and

WHEREAS, Eloise Smith was the driving force in creating the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County, a model local arts agency which has been recognized throughout California and the Nation as one of the outstanding arts organizations in the United States; and

WHEREAS, Eloise Pickard Smith is being honored on Monday, June 19, 1989, in Santa Cruz for a lifetime of achievements in the arts and for the community; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY THE SENATE RULES COMMITTEE, That Eloise Pickard Smith receive all the plaudits and recognition that she so richly deserves and that her achievements be celebrated as an enduring model of what one person of vision and energy can accomplish for and with her fellow citizens; and be it further

RESOLVED, That Senator Mello join with all those present in Santa Cruz in wishing Eloise Pickard Smith all the best in all her future endeavors and hoping that she will grace us with her time and energy for many years to come.

Senate Rules Committee Resolution No. 984 adopted June 14, 1989.

David Roberti, CHAIRMAN